Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little things

Hello lovelies (or no one. I'm not sure if anyone even reads this haha),

I had a harsh reality check today. I just worked out that I don't have enough money to pay my next rent installment, let alone my groceries and power when I get back home. I am so so so lucky that I have wonderful parents who are willing to help me out. However, this means that for a few weeks I will have absolutely no spending money.

No coffee, no random buys...I'm shocked at how difficult this seems to me. It goes to show how comfortable I am in my life - how completely, utterly blessed I am, and how often I fail to realise that.

So, that said, a lot of good will come from this. I'm going to learn to appreciate the little, wonderful things in life that money can't buy. Money can't buy you happiness - this is a cliche, but it's true!

The sunlight fanning through the trees, beautiful forests, fresh air, sunrises, laughter, kisses, hugs, sweet words to warm your heart, a text from a friend, working out and eating healthy, a beautiful photograph, time with family, the ocean...there is so much more to live for.

I am so completely blessed♥

Friday, August 23, 2013

Put your hearts up

I have always read in a lot of books, blogs, etc. that your thoughts define your reality. Like, if you think positive, beautiful thoughts about yourself and others, your life will begin to change, too. I always accepted that as a given. I mean, it makes sense. But I never really thought about putting it into practice.

The past couple of weeks, I have really made an effort to be much more positive. Not getting annoyed easily, smiling a lot more, and making the best of the beautiful life I have been blessed with. And I can honestly say, it has worked. I honestly feel so much more love around me and in my heart :) It's a truly wonderful feeling!

And this afternoon, as I was listening to Ariana Grande (love her music!) I really started thinking more about positivity. Her music and her message is all about love - loving and accepting others and yourself, and just being a beacon of positivity and happiness :)

This gets me onto my next thought...I am a Christian. A Catholic, to be exact. At university, I have made a lot of new friends, and the majority of them are non-denominational Christians. I love them to bits, but there is one thing we often don't agree on - and that is our beliefs about heaven. They believe that giving your life to Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. And I won't insult that belief, because that is what they believe and I accept that.

By contrast, I have always believed that if you are a wonderful person, living by Christian values, you are ultimately connected to God - because God is love, and you are showing love. However, because I spend so much time with my Christian friends, I have adopted a mindset of judgement that I really don't like. For example, I will see a person who is not Christian, and my mind will automatically think "ooh dear that person has got it wrong." I hate how my thoughts reflect a mindset of superiority.

I want to get rid of this mindset. I want to focus on spreading the love to those who need it, to light up people's days :) I want to stop judging people in my head. Of course I will remain firm in my Catholic beliefs, but I honestly believe if I have a more open, positive mind, I can improve my own life, and that of others :)

"If we give a little love maybe we can change the world"
- Ariana Grande

Pics via weheartit♥

Friday, August 9, 2013

I want your fears, your hopes, the whole Kaleidoscope

I want to blog again.

I have been so caught up since I started university last year. Life has been filled with study. Long walks. Many cups of coffee. Dancing the night away. Walking to the markets on early Sunday mornings. Going to The Script concert in Auckland - seeing my favourite band in the world right in front of me. Going to church. Meeting the most wonderful guy. Amazing memories. Kisses. Hugs. Regrets. A lot of stress. Wishing for something more. Wondering if this is the right path for me, and at the same time, finding out what it truly means to live in the real world. Growing up.

If I could document all of this somewhere other than my journal...somewhere vivid and beautiful...that would make me so happy. Maybe it will give me a sense of direction. I feel like I'm wandering at the moment, not exactly sure where I'm going next. Not too sure about anything, really.

Here's to more words. Here's to clarity♥


Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have three younger siblings, two sisters and one brother. Having moved away from home to go to university, they now live an 8 hour bus ride away from me. I found this picture I took a couple of months ago of my brother and I was reminded of just how much I miss them all♥

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