Friday, August 9, 2013

I want your fears, your hopes, the whole Kaleidoscope

I want to blog again.

I have been so caught up since I started university last year. Life has been filled with study. Long walks. Many cups of coffee. Dancing the night away. Walking to the markets on early Sunday mornings. Going to The Script concert in Auckland - seeing my favourite band in the world right in front of me. Going to church. Meeting the most wonderful guy. Amazing memories. Kisses. Hugs. Regrets. A lot of stress. Wishing for something more. Wondering if this is the right path for me, and at the same time, finding out what it truly means to live in the real world. Growing up.

If I could document all of this somewhere other than my journal...somewhere vivid and beautiful...that would make me so happy. Maybe it will give me a sense of direction. I feel like I'm wandering at the moment, not exactly sure where I'm going next. Not too sure about anything, really.

Here's to more words. Here's to clarity♥


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