Saturday, September 5, 2009

hello kitty and a huge card.

hello everyone!
i was so happy to check my computer this morning and see 2 posts from lily of Pixie Dust and Rose Petals! it is one of my favourite blogs and it made me, and im sure many others, smile, as it is one of my favourite blogs, so cute and imaginative.
i had a wonderful morning this morning, the sun is shining and i can see summer is on the way!:) as i was sleeping in my lovely warm bed, dreaming of being a princess in a sunny, far away land, my dad came in with a huge package from Taiwan! i realised it was a lovely present from my buddy Minnie, who stayed in New Zealand for a few weeks, and i looked after her for a while when her group was at my school. she is such a wonderful wonderful friend, and even though i just met her, we could talk about anything, laugh and take silly pictures on her camera:) she is back in Taiwan now:( and i miss her a lot, so it was wonderful to receive a huge, beautiful card with fun pictures of us and a message on it, plus an adorable Hello Kitty pencil case! i love it so much and i must remember to send her something equally as special!

i have been very busy at the moment, studying for practice exams which are next week! i must be off to the library later to study study study! there is oh so much to remember.
also, my handsome prince had a accident at the snow, and was in hospital for a while but is now back on his feet, and smiling again:)
i joined a youth group on friday nights and it is so much fun and very inspiring.

oh, well, i must be off now
have a lovely lovely day!

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