Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Quick Hello

oh dear i forgot to mention in my last post who i got the sweet tag from! it was from the gorgeous Raspberry Jam and Maple Syrup, the one who got me started on creating a blog in the first place! sorrysorry

my family have all gone off to watch my brother and sisters play sport while i am stuck at home to gets a bit lonely, but it is quite peaceful really.
yesterday i got a jacket from my aunty that used to be hers - it is lovely and warm and looks like Bella and Alice's jackets on Twilight! :)

oh by the way do you all like my new header? made on paint, but filled with lovely inspiring pictures that i adore, plus my favourite singer, taylor swift.

i have been feeling a bit small lately - i am not popular at school, im actually the "smart" girl but it gets a bit horrible sometimes when that is all people see you as, and refuse to get to know you a little better; preferring to leave me with a label. anyone else get that? im sure a lot of people do. it is a sad part of life.
oh well i have to go, lots of studying to do that will leave me exhausted and more than ready to crawl back into my warm bed...oh and i might experiment with my hair a bit...:)

have a sweet day!

P.S. im not sure where that picture came from...i remember finding it a few months ago and it's been sitting patiently in my folder for so long now it deserved to be used!


Erimentha said...

you're very big to me!

: ) I love your new header and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor Swift. haha! best country singer ever!


ps please post a pic of your twilight look-a-alike jacket!

Cherry Diva said...

Taylor Swift is a wonderful singer. And I love that picture! It's beautifull.

LILY-SAGE said...

hello dear!
oooh how i am very very sorry for leaving for such a long long time; however,I am back now(:
&i love ur new header for your blog, tis adorable.

have a lovley rest of the week!
cant wait to read more posts,

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