Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random musings

is it just me, or does my blog seem strangely materialistic? it seems it to me, what with all these OMGs and exclaimations over t-shirts and actors... i think i should have a more classic approach in my blog, like, little musings, gorgeous pics and little things about my day that most people forget to relish and enjoy, like the sun rising while you're curled up in bed in the morning, curling up by the fire in winter, or even writing a poem. i think that is what i will go for from now on, because i can't seem to keep up with the whole product promotion thing!
to begin i will show you a picture of some of my jewellery in the beautiful jewellery box i inherited from my great-grandmother...i took it a couple of months ago looking for inspiration:

lol i hope you like...hehe. well i have to go and jump back to reality...

pink kisses,



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