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The "other" Twilight hottie: Taylor Lautner!

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As is obvious, I am a helplessly crazed Twilight fan at the moment,so it's no surprises that this post has to do with Twilight! This post is based entirely on Taylor Lautner, the extremo cute and talented actor who plays Jacob Black in the amazing movie! Here's the lowdown on Taylor and his character, Jacob (found at

Taylor Lautner:

Trivia-Is a keen martial artist who, from the age of seven, has won many karate tournaments on a local, national and international level.
Is real-life friends with _Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, The (2005)_ co-stars Taylor Dooley and Cayden Boyd. He shares many similarities with Taylor Dooley: they share the same first name; he was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while she was born in Grosse Point; both children were born in February, a year apart (Taylor on the 11th 1992, she on the 26th in 1993); their mothers share the same name and they live minutes apart in their new homes in Los Angeles.
Plays football and baseball. He enjoys watching college football and supports the Michigan Wolverines.
Has a younger sister named Makena.
Has a Maltese named Roxy.
Received his driver license in 2008.
Played football during freshman year in high school.
Is of French, Dutch, and German descent.
Had to start training the day after Twilight was finished for his role of Jacob Black in New Moon who's transformation had to be drastic. He has so far gained 26 pounds and is aiming for 30, as promised to the director.
Is best friend with Tactor, Edi Gathegi. He worked with him at the Gym.

Jacob Black:

Jacob Black is 15 years old in Twilight. He has two sisters, both of which have moved away, one being married. He and his father, Billy Black, live in a small house in LaPush, the Indian reservation home to the Quileute tribe. Jacob attends the party at First Beach that Mike organizes and has a reunion with Bella after many years, whom asks him about the ancient Quileute legends in a flirtatious manner keeping her suspicious reasons to herself. Jacob reveals to Bella what Edward is through the story of the "cold ones." Jacob doesn't believe the stories; he writes them off, saying his "old man's lost his marbles," though Bella knows better. Jacob does not play a major role in Twilight, though his characters becomes one of the more pronounced in both New Moon and Eclipse. His father, Billy Black, bribes Jacob to attend Bella's School Dance at the end of the year to ask questions on behalf of Billy. Jacob was promised to be paid in car parts that he needed, as Jacob has a rather special talent for car mechanics. Jacob plays a huge part in Bella's life when Edward runs away, he becomes the main reason Bella comes back out of her shell. Jacob falls for Bella but he knows he doesn't have a chance because Bella is in love with Edward. He still tries to get her to fall for him but in the end he "imprints" on Bella and Edwards child, Renesmee. Jacob also becomes a main character in the last installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn.

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