Thursday, August 12, 2010

He's an angel now...

sad sad sad. Life isn't the most fun at the moment. The entire school is grieving - we lost a precious member of our school to a car crash. A classmate of my own. You never know when God is going to decide to give you wings, so you can fly away. I never got to know J - I won't pretend I was his best friend. Or even a good friend. But I knew him, he touched my life just by being there. And seeing his friends grieve like that breaks my heart. Rest in peace, J. You're an angel now♥

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Anonymous said...

So I'll wait till kingdom come
all the highs and lows are gone
a little bit longer and I'll be fine..

God Bless you all. All my darling friends from JPC are in my prayers.RIP J. You will be missed.

Lots of love my darling

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