Thursday, April 15, 2010

adventures of a fairy

Sometimes my little fairy princess gets so tired of sitting on my shelf all day. So she flies away to sit down somewhere else, with a more interesting view. Often I have to lead her back with a trail of biscuit crumbs to her tiny place on my shelf. The little places I find her in are sometimes rather peculiar, but she does look very sweet in her little hiding places, so I couldn't resist following her and take some pictures
all photos taken by me


~Abby~ said...

She is quite adorable! I hope she had fun on her little adventures! :)

milky rose said...

oh your little fairy friend is lovely. im sure she enjoys her little adventures, maybe she was looking for some other fairys to do some magic with. your blog is adorable -- love samantha ♥

kalie brynn. said...

She looks like she loves fun! I love your beautiful blog!


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