Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unblocking my writer's block

yes, i am supposed to be annotating my shakespeare script at the moment, but it has been so long since i have written. my internet decided to go away with the butterflies for a while you see:) but now it's back, and so am i.

i will begin this gorgeous tag that seli gave me♥

Seven Things I Always Need
1. I goodnight kiss and hug. It somehow makes me feel so happy and content before I go to sleep:)
2. To be loved. To have somewhere there who I can always talk to if I'm having a bad day, to hug me and hug me until my tears dry.
3. To be able to perform! To act and to dance is an amazing way to keep my worries away. I just returned from an amazing weekend of learning dance in 5 different styles - jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, funk and lyrical
4. A good book. I love to read, ask anyone who is close to me:) I'm reading Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley at the moment it is sooo beautiful.
5. To have alone time. Of course I adore my friends, especially Seli:) , but alone time is so valuable to me, to think and to write.
6. My diary. Some people think writing a diary is just what little girls do to write their crushes and secrets of the last 10 seconds, but it is really so much more than that. I use mine to write what comes to mind, poetry, and especially songs. I love love writing songs:)
7. God, and my family. Always with me, never without me:)

Now I tag...erimentha, felicity, charlotte, and Grace:)

My list for you: Seven Things in your favourite colour :)

Aside from the tag photo, all photos are mine.


Anonymous said...

That is super super cute

love ya BFF!


Athena. said...

Cute, cute, cute tag :)

~Abby~ said...

Those are all really good, and I need some of those things as well!

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