Monday, January 18, 2010

we are one tonight

dreaming in the car while listening to my ipod. i love love love long trips, don't you? to be able to sit in the car for hours on end, watching the world go by while sweet music fills your ears. then a blue sea, even though the sky was a little grey, it was still warm. laughter of little children - brothers and sisters and cousins. a tiny cousin collecting jellyfish for her little dug "jellyfish pool". then three generations shopping along the tiny streets, little boutiques, a divine shoeshop and a dress that didn't quite fit. a new (pink) sarong. all the while texting with my best best friend, and someone sweet... Finally home after a long day, a lovely summery dinner cooking in the kitchen. another new day tomorrow, what adventures does it hold?♥
Love, Courtney


Anonymous said...

That was switchfoot right. Wicked.I love the butterflies on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Got my seventeen from the library. Go them!. Man i wish you were there, you would have loved it!

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