Sunday, May 13, 2012

Charlie Challenge Day One!


I am a few days late starting these challenges...but I will give them a go anyway. All the challenges I post on here are from Dianna Agron's website:♥ It is adorable :)♥

Day One: Write your personal manifesto. This could be an essay, a sentence, a word… the beginning of your novel. Get creative. What are you about?

I am
I am piles of lists compiled to keep a crazy life in order
I am the sun as it warms your face
I am long car rides that stretch blissfully ahead
I am a mess of blonde curls
I am daydreams
I am seawater that tumbles
I am a scribble of words that will never seem to make sense
I am creativity
I am determination
I am laughter
I am strong
I am a lover who can never let go
I am a writer
I am always starting over
I am the eye behind the lens
I am blue eyes
I am often a procrastinator
I am a lover of all that is beautiful and simple
I am still learning who I am and who I want to be
I am who I am
I am magick♥


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