Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry merry Christmas ♥

Happy happy happy♥♥♥ I have felt so blessed and so lucky this Christmas season. And it wasn't presents, of course. Simply having all of my family around me, little cousins running around everywhere, uncles and aunties I havn't seen in lightyears, all perfectly come together♥

I really hope you all had an amazing Christmas darlings♥

The beach is awaiting me, but first I need to break out of my homely little shell and show my face to the world! I have been ever so quietly tucked away in my thoughts and dreams, I think the world is missing me♥


P.S. This simply enchanting picture came from ♥♥♥


~Abby~ said...

WeHeartIt's photos are always so lovely. ♥
Have a lovely summer at the beach and everywhere else you are..don't forget to show your lovely face to the world! :)


Morgan. said...

Such a beautiful photo & I agree that christmas always feels like such a blessed time of the year.

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