Friday, October 15, 2010

Left in the rain

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago...I'm not sure if it's relevant at the moment or not. I'm not sure of much at the moment. So much may have changed, but so much may still be exactly the same♥

We promised each other too much. But we were happy. The endless sky raced over us, and time passed, but all I saw, heard, breathed was you. I had built my own little kingdom in your eyes. I was filled up with so much love, and I listened to your heartbeat as you held me in your arms. When I was with you, I felt like I was by myself. Only you understand that. My spirit molded with yours - it wanted to stay there, oh, it wanted to.

The downpours of change threatened in my perfect sky, and I tried to stop you noticing. I didn't want it to get get me. But everyone knows you can't move the sun; you can't stop the rain from falling. When it did, it soaked me to the skin, and I pretended it didn't bother me - I wouldn't give up, I would stay the same. For you - for you my darling. But it got cold, wet, I shivered so much I was sure you would notice me. I waited for you to run up behind me and put your arms around me, "everything is going to be okay, love".

I waited some more.

I looked around, and you were standing next to me. Just there, right beside me. So close. But you had your umbrella - the change had taken you, and your cold face stared at me, pathetically sprawled in the puddles. I screamed and screamed at you, but your eyes didn't know me anyomore, you couldn't understand why I didn't get up. I curled up and held my body as though it could fall apart at any moment, holding onto that tiny piece of you I had left. You turned your back on me, and left me holding onto nothing, while you held onto someone else.

I still clutch all of you to my chest - your faith, your laugh, your memories, your love...and hoep you will come back for it someday.

You left me in the rain, but I still hold onto you.♥

I'm sure he didn't mean to...but this is very close to my heart and I wanted to share it with you all♥



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Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Gorgeous pictures, and what you wrote..woah, it was just beautiful. xx

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