Thursday, October 14, 2010

a broken heart...that isn't mine

My prince and his new princess are no more. I feel rather strange...not quite relieved or happy as I thought I would be...but sad, so sad for both of him. Especially him. Now he knows how it feels to have his heart broken, yet I can see how much he hurts.♥

My sweet little kitty cat looks ever so content curled up by the fire. Sometimes I wish I was a cat, with no worries, and no heartbreak♥




~Abby~ said...

Karma's a bitch. :P
I love kitties(:
LOVE the new header!!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so refreshing and beautiful, it's a wonder to me you don't have hundreds and hundreds of followers. You are such a beautiful girl and your posts really do make my heart sing. That photo is lovely.
I'm really looking forward to more beautiful posts from you in the future. Enjoy your day, you dove.

Norah of "let's run away"

Erimentha said...

beautiful courtney jane,
i guess he will understand what you felt like. its a weird day ja vu. hope you're ok. thinking of you, x eri

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