Saturday, July 10, 2010

My name

Courtney Jane
In English, my name means scattered. In French it means infinite thoughts. It is clear and blue, like the sky, until the grey clouds find it. It means sensitivity. Sometimes it is like teardrops. It is like a blank canvas, full of possibilities. It means the twang of acoustic guitar strings. It is the song that played and played when he was gone, and the song that rang in my ears when he came back again


Mizz Ali said...

Loved tbis post!


~Abby~ said...

In other words...beautiful. (:

Erimentha said...

you're perfection courtney rose!


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Courtney, 21 ~ fourth year law student. Lover of the beach, writing, books, painted toes, music with beautiful lyrics, coffee, perfumes, and the ocean❤