Sunday, January 31, 2010

school time

Whenever someone asks me if I'm looking forward to school, I have no idea what to say. Part of me is longing to get back into a routine, see all my friends, do new subjects (drama, classical studies and social studies), and new classes. But the other is yearning to stay sleeping in under my lavender sheets, to stay slowed down, and never have to speed up again. I want to stay in a world of sun, beaches, icecream, fun, long car trips and travels and endless free time. Only having to think when I'm writing or reading - my loves. I can only be optimistic♥



Erimentha said...

your new blog is truly gorgeous! you must teach me more bout layouts!

haha i totally agree bout school, i never know how i'm feeling. you have LAVENDER sheets, agh miss courtney jane you're too cool!

hope school is good anyway, enjoy drama and all the rest :)

p.s. thanks for making my day with your last line "i can only be optimistic" i feel like that a lot! x

BB ♥ said...

The best thing about school is the structured timetable! I also quite enjoyed the socialising part too! ;)

Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way! :)

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