Friday, June 26, 2009

hello darlings!

rip michael jackson. i just found out yesterday at morning tea. very very sad. he was very talented, and only 50!
also farrah fawcett - my mum told me how much everyone loved her!

on a brighter note...there have been so many things going on at the moment, please forgive me if i mention something i may have already mentioned before...

a twilight sleepover, lots of dance classes, stage challenge, lots of taylor swift music, another sleepover, new moon trailer, "a walk to remember", girl's weekend, sugary treats, baking, jane austen, texts from my bestie seli, "another cinderella story", "angus, thongs and perfect snogging", "HSM 3", a haricut, praying, shopping, little crushes, new music on my ipod. Last but ont least, a lovely new room! I have just moved back in, and it now has light pink wallpaper, dusky pink silky rose curtains, a sparkly lightshade and a lilac pink and gold duvet! how i love it. i could just lie in there, gaze around and dream that i am a princess in a beautiful kingdom - because my new room makes me feel so much like a lucky little princess.

here is some gorgeous (and cute!) photos i found on the most beautiful picture site i have ever seen arent they just lovely?

have a lovely weekend!



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Erimentha said...

wow your life sounds so lovely and happy at the moment courtney jane!

i love pink walls!

keep blogging!
erimentha (L)
p.s. i love girlforce too!

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