Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cute movies, and hot choc :)

a couple of weeks ago, i went on a girls weekend, and watched what is now my fave fave movie ever:) it is A Walk to Remember, and as soon as you watch it, you become so entranced and your heart jumps at how sweet Landon is, and you cry when Jamie's terrible news hits him. Such a beautiful, beautiful moive, if you havn't seen it, i recommend it!

yesterday i made myself a new challenge - to read Pride and Prejudice.

I began last night by beginning to watch the movie adaption (starring Keira Knightley), and im really enjoying it so far! i hope i enjoy the book as much! wish me luck!


Indie.Tea said...

I thought Pride and Prejudice was a wonderful book. Since its not subject to copyright due to its age, you can read it online for free :-)

Pansieberry said...

i'm not a jane austen fan, but i have read p&p. I don't like the style she has, but the storyline makes up for that. it shows what it was like for women in that time period.

Soné said...

i am a big fan of hot choclates and movies :)
its like medicine to the soul!

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