Saturday, March 21, 2009

Starbucks and science!

hellooooo ;)
today has so far been relaxing, sad, and yet happy haha. my days always seem to be sad and happy. well i had a day to myself today and so i vaccumed the house this morning, which i hope will put a smile on mum's face. then i walked to town, but it was a bit sad because i was by myself for most of the morning, and then i decided to try a Starbucks...and since i never have had one i never realised how small the short one was for it's huge price! So there goes half of my pocket money. haha. oh well. though it was actually tres delicious and creamy ;)

after a while i went to a place that always makes me happy - the library, funnily enough. after i got a few books, i headed back home, only to spot two of my friends! we walked around for a bit and that was cool, and then i headed home. my feet are very sore!
then my aunty txted and took me and her kids to a science open day, so we walked around for a bit, and i played with my gorgeous, sweet little 1 year old cousin (she sucks her thumb, and is always smiling, and laughing - she always plants a smile on my face ;))

not the most interesting day for you all i suppose! but i felt like writing it down anyway.

i'm running out of internet so i must go now!


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Pansieberry said...

yeah, starbucks prices are ridiculous, but it's nice to once in a while treat yourself! the last time i went i got a london fog latte thing; it had lavender in it...lovely.

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