Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fantastimagical...Sunday? ENERGY

So, I missed my weekly post on Friday. Oh dear. However, I have been busy with university and study and coffee and friends so I believe I'm forgiven. :P And so now that I'm completely exhausted, I think a good word to look at today is ENERGY

Energy (noun): the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Photos from Iced tea photo via instagram (karenakatrina) me is so much more than a sort of motivation. It invigorates my whole sense of being. Fresh, cool water; a swim in the ocean or lake; the adrenaline rush of leaping off a cliff, hanging in nothingness for a second and then disappearing into the cool water. When I wake up and sunshine is streaming through my window. Those moments when I can stare up at the sky with the sun on my cheek and feel so thankful for my life. Finding that last little ounce of energy at the end of boxing class and feeling absolutely exhausted, yet fantastic, by the end of it. Eating fresh fruit, and drinking fresh, cool water or iced tea. The woody scent and taste of cinnamon. Simplicity. The beach. Those flashes, bursts, moments, even full days of invigorating inspiration that make me feel so alive♥


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