Friday, September 7, 2012

Fantastimagical Friday - Lovely

I've decided, to help me get into a little bit of a routine with my blogging, that I will start a weekly segment called "fantastimagical Friday". Why fantastimagical, you may ask? It's basically a word I've invented over the past year to describe anything that makes me happy♥ So in this segment, I will choose a magical word that has been swimming round my mind recently, and post any pictures I can find that can visually depict that word.

Today's word is LOVELY

Lovely (adjective): exquisitely beautiful

Pictures from :)

To me, "lovely" means beautiful flowers, tea parties, old fashioned things, dainty and pretty dresses and skirts and lace, anything quaint and beautiful, grace, manners, picnics, sunshine, sepia dreams, washed out photographs, kisses on the cheek...all things beautiful.


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Steph said...

Love the word! love your definition of lovely!
Thanks for following my blog :)

@ 1001 ways to be more lovely

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