Thursday, January 27, 2011

This love is OURS♥

Hello lovelies!♥
I just arrived home from Year 13 camp, oh what an amazing amazing trip it was, even though we only stayed two nights!
Although we had to complete a 7 hour tramp in boiling sun and heavy packs, the trip was very worth it because the views were beautiful (see in my photo above♥).

I talked to other people I've never really talked to before, and my little heart fizzled with happiness at the giggles and secrets shared, and secret whispers about the cuties who caught our eyes♥ All this and the love I felt between us all, after 6 years of growing up together, all helped me try to ignore a certain cutie with another girl in his arms. But it's okay. I have chosen to be happy, and so I will be.

Now today I only have the rest of the day to rest, sleep and recover before leaving for a Christian music festival tomorrow! I am very very excited and I will be with one of my closest friends so it should be fun♥

I hope the rest of your summers/winters are full of as many smiles as mine♥


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~Abby~ said...

Wow, how beautiful! I'm glad you got to experience a fun trip like'll have those memories forever. :)

I hope you blog soon, I miss your sweet little posts!


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