Wednesday, December 8, 2010

little loves and little hates

Hello everyone♥♥♥♥
Abby tagged me a little while ago in the "Deepest Desires" tag. List 8 likes, 9 hates, and one love in that order. (hehe I added one more like and one more hate I hope that's ok!)♥

I like going on road trips to the lake with my friends.
I like hugs that warm me up and make me smile, always.
I like music music music♥ It keeps me sane, although some may not like my taste.
I like long deep conversations with people you have never talked to before...especially those you have never liked. I have come to find some people are truly lovely.
I like curling up at night with a hot chocolate and watching A Walk to Remember
I like Harry Potter. Especially Hermione. Always Hermione, since I first read the books years and years ago. And Luna♥ True book heroines.
I like those rare days where I feel pretty.
I like the silence. Being alone from time to time. It often makes me seem like a loner, but really I just love the stillness and I'm able to appreciate everything. I I don't know. Although I do love the times I spend with other people♥

I hate how people follow the Top 40 music trends and rap music that has absolutely no deeper meaning and have no opinion of their own.
I hate the media. And corruption.
I hate seeing my old prince cuddle and laugh with his new friend...especially when I'm stuck beside the two of them on a long car trip :(
I hate having to pretend everything is okay.
I hate fake people.
I hate it when people laugh at my faith.
I hate all the terrible things in the world. The things that make people believe that love isn't there.
I hate exam pressure. And pressure for life - getting a part time job, driving, pressure pressure pressure to grow up and leave the fairytales behind.
I hate having to say goodbye to the sweetest exchange student - now one of my closest friends - as he goes back to Germany.
I love it when he smiles as me♥

My, my there are so many things I hate about life at the moment, and yet there is so much I love. This tag has ever so slightly condensed my little adventures of the past few days into likes and dislikes.

Hope you are all smiling!



Shannon said...

I agree with practically all of your likes and dislikes :)

I hope you are smiling too.


*Brookie* said...

I totally agree:) your blog is very lovely and I love the name.... I'm following! I love it!

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