Friday, July 10, 2009

A tag, a rollercoaster and the fearfall!

Hello darlings!
I had a wonderful time yesterday at Rainbow's End theme park for my friend's birthday! It was my first time and we spent hours and hours going from ride to ride, and eating fair food!
The scariest thing was the fear fall, which we did three times! I loved the rollercoaster (done 5 times!!)!
Here's the fear fall:

scary isn't it! 15 stories high i think!

Anyway, here is a cool tag i found on bebo...anyone can try it!

Rules:Put your music player on shuffle and put whatever plays as the answer. No matter how stupid it sounds like.

My name is...
Like Whoa
Aly and AJ

I feel like...

I want to...
Kelly Clarkson

I wish...
Hey Stephen
Taylor Swift

When I was born...

My first words were...
Gwen Stefani

When I met my best friend I thought...
Simple Plan

My first crush was...
My Baby
Jesse McCartney

My first date...
Simple Song
Miley Cyrus

My first kiss...
Beautiful Soul
Jesse McCartney

My school is like...
When it all Falls Apart
The Veronicas

My wedding-song will be...
These Words
Natasha Bedingfield

In heaven I sing this to God...
They Don’t Want Music
Black Eyed Peas feat. James Brown

My parents think about me...
Vanessa Hudgens

My grandparents think about me...
These Four Walls
Miley Cyrus

My siblings think about me...
20 Good Reasons
Thirsty Merc

My teachers think about me...
Green Day

My best friends think about me...
I Have a Dream/Thankyou for the Music
Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!)

I think about my parents..
If Everyone Cared

I think about my grandparents...
Big Energy in Little Spaces

I think about my siblings...

I think about my teachers...
Avril Lavigne

I think about my best friends...
This Is How It Feels
The Veronicas

Foreign people might think about me...
One World
The Feelers

This night I'll dream of...
Those Eyes
Thirsty Merc

Last night I dreamed of...
Should’ve Said No
Taylor Swift

I never want to dream of...
Kelly Clarkson

I need...
Good and Broken
Miley Cyrus

I don't need...
Last Night On Earth
Green Day


have a lovely day!

Courtney xoxo


Raspberry Muffins said...

Visit my blog and you'll greet a surprise!

Have a magical day. or night.

Xx Felicity.

Lilee said...

i love your blog header! so PINK! and i love the "roses" as comments!

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