Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bright spirits and blue skies

today i woke up feeling refreshed and happy for no particular reason. i was getting on with my siblings better than usual, and i actually took some time out! maybe it's because i got girlforce:shine out of the library (again!) and have been reading through it's beautiful pages :)

or maybe it's because the weather is so beautiful today, especially for an autumn morning! here's a pic i took myself :) my room will be ready soon - i have now been living in the rumpus room for 10 weeks! my walls are slowly becoming a pretty pink (of course) thanks to dad's hard work and time.

why do i have to be so poor? i really need to start saving up because there are so many sparkly things that fill my mental wishlist:

*digital camera*rose and vanilla perfume*lots of clothes*GirlForce Shine (so i don't have to keep issuing it from the library!)*etc.etc.

Oh my sometimes i need to stop and think like this:

"Happiness isn't having what you want, it's wanting what you have"




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Pansieberry said...

ooo! your bedroom's going to be pink? i'll bet that will be lovely!
Thanks for following, and yes, I am a follower of Christ. :-)


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